Island Adventures

An Island adventure can be anything you want it to be, we are here to make it happen. No matter if you want to explore with the public or take your adventure private, you will never regret taking the adventure!

Land Adventures

Exploring the land on your island adventure, will help you understand how unique The Bahamas really is.

The best way to experience the historical downtown Nassau is on a walking tour. While walking through the city canter you will experience some of what makes the history of New Providence so unique. This kind of adventure will allow you to visit some of the more popular attractions, while having a tour guide to answer all of your questions along the way.

Taking an afternoon drive through the beautiful island of New Providence (Nassau), will help you discover lesser-known treasures, sights and attraction. This tour usually starts from your chosen point of origin and allow you to experience parts of the island less visited, from beautiful beach, local food stops and much more along the way. This adventure is done in the privacy of your own vicahale with a local tour guide.

When you combine a walking tour and a mobile tour, you get an island tour. If you want to spend a few hours getting to know the island this is the tour for you. A tour that combines the walking landscape of downtown Nassau and the discovery portion of a mobile tour you will get a tour that shows you a great portion of the island in one afternoon. Something to enjoy alone or with family and friends, this tour will show you what Nassau is really like.

Hop aboard the best party bus experience in Nassau, as we take you for an unforgettable night out on the town. Perfect for groups that are looking for a memorable night without worrying. The fun starts as soon as you set foot on the party bus which is equipped with a bar, dance spaces, an amazing sound system, and some great surprises. A perfectly controlled environment to let your hair down before we get any of our many stops to mix and mingle a bit before we had out again.

Exploring the western coastline on Nassau by ATV is defiantly a unique experience. The warm ocean air blowing across your face, while you explore some of the more notable landmarks of the area. You will also get some time to do a bit of off-roading and have a light lunch, all on one exciting afternoon.

Blackbeard Escape Rooms and Pirate Museum

Enjoy a unique escape room based on the pirate Blackbeard, and his adventures at sea. Perfect for adults and kids, a fun and captivating experience for the entire family.

The Pirate museum takes you on a journey back to old Nassau where pirates took refuge on our beautiful shores, showcasing different rooms like Female Pirates, Blackbeard, Woods Rodgers just to name a few.

Ocean Adventure

The waters surrounding The Bahamas are some of the most beautiful in the world, take some time and enjoy them.

The Bahamas offers two main types of kayaking both offer a different view of the island. Maybe you need a short break from the blue waters and white sands, then why not take a kayak through the native mangrove fields, this adventure shows you a completely different environment than you would have thought was available in The Bahamas. Sometimes the ocean is just to good to leave, so  why not take some more time and enjoy some kayaking with a local guide while enjoying great conversation along the way.

Sometimes you just want to flay a jetpack  30ft in the air, and we are right here with you. Why have a case of the Mondays when your on vacation, you get to do an amazing thing and have once in a long time kind of experiences. Flaying a water jetpack if defiantly one of them.

Spend the afternoon below the clear blue oceans of The Bahamas to explore the waters from a whole new perspective. Take some time and dive the dramatic tongue of the ocean wall or one of many shipwrecks scattered throughout the beautiful blue waters. Experience the unique and beautiful colored coral reefs or take your adventure to a whole new level and take a dive with some of the most beautiful sharks and experience nature first hand. Scuba diving can be one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have on your island adventure.

If you are not ready to scuba dive snorkeling is another way to experience what the great ocean looks like. The Bahamas offers great snorkeling sight and lots of ways to experience them. There are few experiences like jumping off a boat and snorkeling around an untouched reef and experiencing an environment full of color and life.

Parasailing and Jet Skiing

When you are ready to take in a very unique view of the turquoise blue waters of The Bahamas, there is no better way than from above. Taking a short parasailing adventure over the ocean will give you the views that you are craving while experiencing the fresh ocean breeze. This adventure can be done solo or with someone you care about, it’s an experience that will create a unique memory, with lots of amazing photos.

When you are ready to get in the ocean and take a drive across some of the amazing waters, Jet skiing will allow you to go as fast as you would like for some amazing time in the water while being as safe as possible. Jet skiing puts the adventure in your hands and allows you to explore the ocean and smaller islands at your own pace.

Why not take a full day adventure and have both your land and sea adventure.

Best of both worlds

Dolphin Encounters at blue lagoon

Visiting Blue lagoon can be a break from your regular vacation. This adventure is located on a small is-land of the coast of Nassau, and offers multiple experiences you can do in one afternoon. If your ready to just have a chill afternoon on a small beach with a limited amount of people, get up close and personal with dolphins or sea lions or just wake a walk through a nature reserve blue lagoon is most definitely the place you would want to be. Make it a full day adventure or just an afternoon excursion, with multiple boats available in a day.

Swimming Pigs

Enjoy an action-packed full-day excursion to the Exuma Cays. Your Adventure will have you swim with the pigs, snorkel on private beaches, feeding iguanas, seeing sharks and stingrays up close while experiencing the beauty of the Exumas. You will cruise in and out of over 75 magnificent, little known cays with several stops along the way, for incredible 360-degree views and photos of the Exuma Cays. Providing you a full-day adventure to a different world.

Harbour Island Day Away

We offer a convenient day away excursion with a vessel of your choice taking you to one of the most beautiful islands in The Bahamas; Harbour Island. With its pink sands and crystal clear waters, the is-land is the perfect location to soak up some sun, grab a bite to eat, and go for a quick dip in the sea. This excursion is made for those who may not have a lot of time to get away, but are looking for a tran-quil spot to unwind. While enjoying some of the unique culture of the islands of The Bahamas.